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Gourmet Gluten-Free Desserts

 “So I just warmed up a brownie in the microwave, and I swear I was hiding in the kitchen eating that wonderful gooey brownie so I didn't have to share with anyone. It was seriously perfect for this sugar craving prego.” Aiesha, M, Aberdeen, NC

“HOLY CRAP I AM IN LOVE!!!!! The cherry chocolate cake is AMAZING!!!! I told my hubby I felt like I was having an affair Thanks sooooooooo much!!!” --Bethany D., Cameron, NC

“My recent order of the hazelnut espresso brownies were AMAZING to say the least. They made it to Kansas in perfect condition. My husband and I are trying to make them last as long as possible! We will most definitely be ordering again!!” Ginny H., Fort Leavenworth, KS

"Well I've had three today if that tells you anything. I LOVE putting them in the microwave and getting the gooey chocolate inside to melt. This is like a brownie bite on crack. I used to eat brownie bites ALL the time when I was little and these are 100x better. " --Megan B., Memphis, TN

“Great things come in small packages. Inside is a delicious chocolatey delight, Paleo approved. Saved me from making a cookie or ice cream run several times!” Leah N., New Albany, IN

“Guess what I received in the mail!!!!!! Yes! My treats!! Thank you SO much! They are fabulous!! I taste tested the chocolate cherry and I'm hooked! They are huge! And were very soft and tasty!! I froze the rest! They will last me awhile that is if I can hide them from my husband! Thanks again!!” Earlene Y., Peachtree City, GA

“I received the brownies and they were awesome! I brought them to work and my co-workers loved them as well! They were so good that they couldn't believe I was sharing them!” --Jason D., Apex, NC

“They arrived in perfect condition and I personally love the packaging and the flavor, have been enjoying them!!! Thanks so much and one satisfied customer here!!!” --Amber B., Royse City, TX

“They arrived in perfect condition!! The packaging is super appealing, and the desserts easily slid out of the tin. They are delicious heated up, and my kids love them!” Carrie B., Paris, TN

“My early morning treat! Goes great with my coffee!” Andrea K., Whispering Pines, NC

“Just ate the rest of that brownie...um YUM! i thought they were really sweet and felt like a total cheat food.”  Crystal K., Southern Pines, NC

“I have personally ordered and tasted her incredibly delicious brownies, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fabulous desert that is actually good for you.”  Jan L., Vancouver, WA

“These cakes are sooooo delicious and the ingredients are pure and healthy!” Hannah Pickle of Raw Girls, Memphis, TN

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